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pinnacle cart pinnacle cart features

Switch to 3dcart and get a FREE product migration and up to 12 extra months of service FREE!

The real cost of 3dcart vs. the real cost of PinnacleCart

3dcart: Secure and Complete. PinnacleCart: Unsafe and Lacking in Features.

If you're looking for a secure eCommerce solution that puts you in control, PinnacleCart will not fulfill your needs. You'll need to pay extra for SSL, and even then, a complete lack of fraud detection leaves you vulnerable. You'll only have access to a fraction of 3dcart's payment gateways, and you'll be missing important features like store email addresses. Plus, your PinnacleCart store goes online immediately, before you even have a chance to edit or customize it.

3dcart gives our merchants access to all the security features needed to protect both their data and their customers'. Our platform includes all you need for complete customization and control of your online store— right down to the launch date.

pinnacle cost

3dcart vs. PinnacleCart functionality comparison

Packed with features and complete security vs. unsecure and missing the basics

sad faceVital eCommerce features

Using PinnacleCart, you're on your own with site content and customer communication. There's no built-in blog, so you'll have to use an outside service like Wordpress, and there are no store emails @yourdomain included to give you that professional look. To make it worse, you can't connect your cart to an existing website. With 3dcart, however, you'll have all these capabilities and more included free.

sad faceFraud detection and security

PinnacleCart has no free SSL encryption, and not even a hint of anti-fraud measures in place. You'll have to pay extra for SSL, as you can't run an online store without it, and the lack of fraud detection puts you at risk for fraudulent customer activity. 3dcart, however, offers free SSL and integrates several fraud detection features, protecting both you and your customers.

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"PinnacleCart would have been great 10 or 15 years ago. Nowadays it's just missing too many features to count, and some of them are features you would expect EVERY cart to have. Switching to 3dcart addressed literally all of my concerns with my store, and I'll never look back."

– Ex-PinnacleCart Customer

sad faceCustomization and control

As a PinnacleCart client, you'll have access to only a few free themes, and if you want something else, you'll have to go straight to expensive custom design— inexpensive premium themes aren't even an option. You have only about 30 payment gateways to choose from, limiting your capabilities, and your store launches immediately rather than when you're ready. 3dcart gives you vastly more theme options, sensibly-priced premium themes to bridge the gap to full-on custom design, over 5 times as many payment processors (160+), and control over your store's launch date.

Maintain control of your business

3dcart gives you the tools and freedom to manage your store how you see fit

3dcart: Freedom to choose your payment provider

3dcart payment options

3dcart supports over 160 Payment Solutions, more than any other eCommerce solution. See a full list of payment providers here.

PinnacleCart: Limited payment gateway options

pinnacle cart limited payment options

PinnacleCart supports only around 30 payment processors, limiting your options and preventing you from maximizing your range of customers.

Hosted blog capability vs. Third party blog site


Create a blog within your store that uses the same design elements and domain name of your website and store.


Create a blog on a third-party site like WordPress or Blogger, neither of which will share your store’s design.

3dcart’s built-in blog feature

Automatically improve your SEO efforts and expand your reach using 3dcart’s built-in blog feature, which will eliminate any need of re-creating your blog’s design elements or having to direct your blog to your store’s URL.