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Pre-Order App for Ecommerce

Retailers that sell highly anticipated products can take advantage of that pre-release excitement with 3dcart’s Pre-Orders module. If a company is running an eCommerce marketing campaign for certain items that are not yet available, they can start receiving orders for those items before they are even released. The Pre-Order app not only allows companies to add this payment option but makes it easy to set up and activate so you can sell pre-orders online.

Pre-ordering is not just for blockbuster movie tickets and video games. Online businesses can use this system to measure buyer interest in a particular
product. They can also use it to collect advance profit on something that they are legally restricted from releasing until a certain date. Whether it is part of
the business’s policy or part of a special promotion, pre-ordering can help build customer interest in your website and your inventory.

Top Features

  • Streamlines the pre-order process
  • Automatically activates shipping orders on the scheduled release date
  • Gauge and build up consumer interest

3dcart’s Pre-Orders Gallery

Pre-Order Module Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which payment gateways work with this feature?

When customers provide their payment information at checkout, the pre-order module saves and authorizes the information — but not the payment. Instead of immediately collecting revenue from the customers, your website will mark their orders as pre-orders. Only on the release date do the statuses change to new orders, prompting the website to accept the payment.

  • How does the module handle credit card information and payment?

As affiliates will promote your products for you in order to get referrals, an affiliate program can be very profitable even taking commissions into account. You gain valuable exposure and only pay commissions on completed sales, rather than paying for advertising up-front.

  • What happens to my inventory when someone submits a pre-order?

When someone pre-orders an item, it is deducted from your store’s inventory. This happens even though the item does not get shipped until its release date. Your store will present that information this way to show how many orders need to be filled.

Pre-Order Module Feature Testimonials

“3dcart makes it so easy to set up my products for pre-orders. This is great for when I’m
marketing something and want to see how many people the campaign’s engaging. I’ll know it’s going good if I see people placing lots of advanced orders, which makes this a
handy-dandy feature.”