ebay and 3dcart

Connect your eBay account to your 3dcart store and reach more customers in half the time

Online shoppers all over the world rely on eBay to help them find what they're looking for at the best possible price. With over 171 million active users, eBay is a huge market filled with potential customers, and 3dcart makes selling on eBay easier than ever.

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Grow your business with eBay's worldwide marketplace

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Great bargains, the thrill of the auction, and the tempting “Buy it Now” feature are all reasons why eBay shoppers return again and again. Tap into this market with ease by connecting your 3dcart store to your eBay account, seamlessly synchronizing your inventory, sales, and customers between the two platforms.

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How to sell on eBay with 3dcart

Manage your online store and all your eBay listings
and sales from one convenient interface

3dcart's eBay integration makes it simple to expand your business to reach eBay customers. You'll never have to spend time listing items or keeping track of which products you sold on which platform. 3dcart handles it all for you, so you can sell from your online store and on eBay from one centralized location.


Connect your 3dcart store to your eBay account

Activate and set up 3dcart's eBay Connector module in your 3dcart Online Store Builder. If you're already selling items through an eBay store, you can import them into 3dcart to further centralize your business.


List items on eBay through 3dcart

Create and post eBay listings from your 3dcart store with a few clicks. You can customize your listings with several options: duration, a choice of separate listings for different product variants or a single listing with variants available in a dropdown menu, the ability to list items for bids or with a “Buy it Now” price, and more.


Receive eBay orders directly into your 3dcart store

When a customer buys from your eBay listings, all the information is sent right to your 3dcart dashboard so you can process the order normally.


Automatically send order information back to eBay

When you process an order, important information like shipping tracking numbers are automatically sent to your eBay customer.


Your 3dcart and eBay stores remain synchronized

When you sell an item on eBay, inventory is properly deducted from your 3dcart store to help eliminate the hassle of multiple-channel selling.

3dcart and eBay: the best of both worlds

3dcart's eBay Connector module lets you benefit from all the features of an SEO-friendly, intuitive eCommerce website while also selling directly to the world's largest online market. Maintain and build your brand while reaching millions of customers, and have all the advantages of both 3dcart and eBay right at your fingertips.